Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thinking about neuroscience


To set the stage for those of my readers who do not read the blogs of the commenters here, I'll explain that of the four above links, the first two are blogs discussing the second two, which are articles. The essential question is, what are the implications for faith of neuroscience, which to hear Tom Wolfe tell it (third article), is rapidly approaching a point at which everything can be proved to be determined by our genes.

I want to write something on the topic, but S. Lee has gone and provoked a whole round of new musings, so that wil have to wait. I recommend checking out what he has to say, meanwhile.


S. Lee said...

whoo hoo! I got "talking." :)

Ibid said...

yes, but I got "everybody." Which, I guess, is a lot like "busybody." Meaning that I am mostly a noun. I get the feeling that S. Lee is mostly a verb.

(That was supposed to be breezy lingustic fun to lighten the mood of all these ponderous brainwaves.)

Ibid said...

oops, "everybody's." my theory is shot. I am noun+first part of present progressive, contracted. And I can't spell "linguistic," which is... maybe ironic.

Nathan said...

S. Lee - I'm glad you are excited.

ibid - It is. Deeply ironic. :)

S. Lee said...

you know, since we're all getting to be so close, you all (read: y'all) can call me by my first name, S.


Steve Hayes said...

And there is also this.