Monday, April 07, 2008

Growing old together

Twenty years hence my eyes may grow,
If not quite dim, yet rather so;
Yet yours from others they shall know,
Twenty years hence.

Last week in clinic I saw a couple in a joint appointment, and in the course of conversation, I discovered that they were about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. What touched me about the discovery was how very much in love they still seemed to be. When I encouraged the wife to be sparing in her use of narcotic pain relievers for her chronic back pain, her husband jokingly chided her, calling her "you drug addict," but with a twinkle in his eye that made the sarcasm obvious.

"60 years of gentle harassment?" I inquired.

Before the husband could say anything else, his wife replied: "Best decision I ever made. And I figure we're good for another 15 or so."

I've been smiling all week remembering the look they gave each other at that point.