Monday, January 08, 2007

Notes on another day in hospital

First, a bit of advice. If you are going to be pretentious and cool, and order your meal in the cafeteria in Spanish from Julio (who is a really nice guy speaking perfect English), you are absolutely not allowed to complain that he got your order wrong. I already could tell your Spanish isn't the greatest, you had to ask one of the words you used, your accent is worse than mine and I've been told by Spanish speakers that I sound like a Russian when I try to speak their language. (And channelling Trotsky is definitely passe. Even Christopher Hitchens is backing away from it now.) Anyway, complaining about your order after your own linguistic debacle is not classy, and it holds up the line. Plus, friend, this is a hospital. Probably a fourth of the docs in here can not only order in Spanish, they can discourse on G-protein signalling in it. You aren't impressing anybody.

Ok, that was uncharitable. Sorry.

Second, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I know I am probably deeply disturbed for feeling and saying this, but it was so refreshing to walk back into a hospital. Though I don't want to become a hospital junkie, I can see the appeal. And three weeks of vacation seems overlong for some reason. Work is good, and I like it.

No patients yet, as it was orientation time, but I'm sure they will start coming tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Uncharitable but human. I was starting to think you had no negative thoughts about anyone. I'm glad you broke back into my reality. :)