Saturday, June 03, 2006


“I never cease to be amazed at the reproductive efficiency of this community.”

My attending was baffled. In the community here there has been an outbreak of a treatable disease, and we’ve been using the opportunity to test our response capabilities in case something truly terrible, like a lethal flu epidemic, comes around. So we’ve been trying to track the sick kids and their families. What provoked his response was the fact that quite a few of the families were unable to tell us where their children had spent the previous night. “They were at someone’s house” was such a common refrain, we were getting exasperated.

It is remarkable, but no matter how many kids you have, I would think you might keep track of them, right? This isn't just medical training breeding arrogance and maturity into me?


gloria jean said...

No it is not arrogance. It's irresponsibility... of those parents that you talked to. The same parents that are going to be shocked when they find out that their little darlings are on drugs, alcoholics or preganant. Kinda disturbing.

Zwerver said...

Well, I would know where my child had been, and you would know where your child had been -- and I think it's better parenting to know versus not knowing. My parents knew where I spent every single night until I left for college at 18. They actually knew where I was every minute until then. I never went anywhere they didn't know about -- and I don't think that was unhealthy. I think it helped me grow up safe and sheltered -- and in this wretched world, I hope I raise my children to be sheltered too.