Monday, June 19, 2006

The Fourth year begins

Today marked day one of the fourth year of medical school. We're starting off by taking the ATLS course, so we can be certified in trauma care. The course is basically first aid on steroids. The Boy Scouts teach you rescue breathing and CPR, this teaches cricothyroid airways, chest tube placement, and the like. The aim is for physicians who aren't surgeons to take this course and be able to save lives long enough to get them to a trauma center. And it has been great so far, lots of hands on stuff, and input from a very fine staff of lecturers.

The crazy thing is that the entire course is crammed into two days, so we started this morning at 7AM and we finished today's stuff at 7PM. 12 straight hours of lectures and labs, with one half hour for lunch. Fire-hose learning. It's like first year, all over again.

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medstudentitis said...

Sounds intense! Good luck!