Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ATLS certified...sort of

So I passed the ATLS course, but with the little "congrats" sheet they gave me as I walked out, there is a fine print note at the bottom, which reads:

As a medical student, you are ineligible to receive a card for successful completion of this course until you graduate from medical school. You have successfully completed the course and will be eligible to receive a card after graduation.

So maybe I can put in chest tubes, intubate, splint pelvic fractures and insert intraosseus catheters, but I can't prove it yet. Not for another 332 days. Somehow, this doesn't really put a damper on my mood.

In other news, I consider it a sad, bitter irony that the female surgeon who married another surgeon, and who assured my class in a lecture a year ago that it was entirely possible for two surgeons to marry and have a normal family with several kids, got divorced and remarried within 4 months. I don't think the guy is a doctor. I have no idea about her kids. The really odd thing about her talk back then was that she said, and I quote "the key is having a really good nanny who can move around with you." I think I'd rather not have children than have them raised by a nanny.


Thainamu said...

Did her husband run off with the nanny?

pinacolada said...

aye to not having kids than to let someone else bring em up.


thebeloved said...

congrats on passing the test!

medstudentitis said...

I think there's a really fine line between nanny and daycare. I'm all for daycare but I'm so anti-nanny. I guess because with daycare it's like school and your kids get socialized and exposed to bacteria and all those good things and you still have to parent them when you're not at work. With a nanny it's like you're absolved from parenting and I think that's weird because there was no point in having kids in the first place. At least they might learn to speak a second language if their nanny is from another country (as most nannies here are).