Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back Safe Home Again

Driving back yesterday, I noticed that the traffic picked up the closer I got to the city, despite the fact that the speed limit was unchanged. I was still a bit jumpy from my ticket, but soon I was just flowing with the traffic, 15 miles over the posted limit. Looking at my cellphone, I noticed that not only did I have more than one bar of reception (a first for this last month) I was maxed out. Getting off the highway on the way towards home, I passed several Chinese resturants where actual Chinese people make the food. And *gasp* a Japanese Resturant with the same story. And (dare I say it?) Lebanese, Thai, Ethiopian, Italian and Greek resturants, Farsi shops, Russian shops, and stores that stay open past 6pm. The Starbucks where I have yet to hear unaccented English, and usually hear none at all. Best of all, a good friend of mine called and came over to hang out a bit when I got back.

Metropolis, I missed you.


Jen said...

Hey, thanks for your comments on my blog. That was an excellent quote from Haggard.
I'm so jealous; Ehtiopian, Lebanese, Greek restaurants? If only we had such cosmopolitan sophistication in good, old cow-town.

Nathan said...

There are upsides and downsides of everything. It is easier to see past the imperfections in something familiar and comforting though. I didn't mention the sky-high crime rate, corrupt police, high taxes, negligent, usurious landlords, and traffic that is is the top ten worst in the nation. :) Home, sweet home.

You're welcome, by the way. Are you familar with Haggard?

Zwerver said...

Welcome back! I miss the city sometimes (I now live in a large, large town / metro area that *thinks* it's a city). I'm sure you're glad to be back.

tinea said...

Welcome back! If you can, look for an African restaurant specializing in Kenyan/Gambian/Zimbabwean cuisine or the like. You might be living in a place now that would have such a restaurant. I ate at one here yesterday for the first time, and on the menu were Ostrich, Crocodile, Goat, Guinea Hen (less exotic but oh so good with their sauces), and many other "exotics". Really fun and very, very good. And yeah, you might be in one of the only US cities where you could find such a restaurant. Enjoy your metropolis!

Jen said...

No, I've never read Haggard before. Could you recommend something to initiate me? From where did you glean that love quote?

Nathan said...

The book everyone knows by Haggard is King Solomon's mines, which it excellent. My personal favorite is Allan Quatermain, the sequel to KSM. That quote came from one entitled Allan's Wife. Unfortunately, aside from that quote, that book is not his best.