Wednesday, April 05, 2006

One of Those Days

Some days, nothing goes right and your computer account that allows you to look up patient information (and which has been "in the works" according to the tech support people) is still broken after a week of pestering. Some days your chief resident calls you aside and kindly but frankly says she has concerns that you're even functioning as a low-level third year student, much less one about to enter fourth year. Some days your senior resident makes a point of reprimanding you in front of your intern, your chief and your attending.

Some days, I hate my job. This is one of those days.


Thainamu said...

Sorry you've had a couple bad days. I will pray for you. May God fill you with grace and peace and wisdom.

heidi said...

Hey Nathan,
My husband's a 3rd year and he's had THE EXACT SAME DAY, at least once per rotation. Screw them and remember that down the road, it won't matter.

S. Lee said...

Nathan. I know this was probably days ago, but I'm days behind. Sorry to hear it, bud. Tomorrow's another day. (Sounds better than, "'Days ago plus one day' is another day.")