Monday, December 05, 2005

It is funny how much effect a simple compliment can have on one's perspective. Today I mentioned in morning report that I thought we should revise the diagnosis for one of our patients, and my attending asked me if I had plans to go into psychiatry since "every time you speak up, you're right on track, and you really know your stuff." I don't know what my plans are. But being appreciated, and realizing you know more than you think you do is powerful motivation. The rest of the day seemed just that much easier under the influence of that short conversation.

Other than that, I finished the paperwork to transfer a patient to another treatment facility that can better handle his condition. I'm learning the subtle, fine, and underappreciated art of pinning down the vulnerable link in a bureacratic chain and forcing it to do my bidding. I feel like my competency in both the mundane and esoteric is improving.

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