Monday, December 12, 2005

Fourth year thoughts

The next real order of business is to decide what to do about my fourth year in med school. I've got to decide what residency to try for, and set up, in the next few weeks/couple months what I am going to do for the rest of my life. I have ruled out surgery, and OB/Gyn was never much of a possibility, but other than that, I'm adrift in a sea of possibility. Medicine or Peds are the most likely and appealing choices at present. I know I liked the pediatric parts of all my rotations so far, so I am tempted to lean that way, but part of the reason I didn't like psych was that none of my patients were really capable of conversing with me on a peer level. Peds is a lot like veterinary medicine in that none of your patients can tell you what is wrong. Plus I am not the univerally happy person that is generally found in peds. But the positive is that I can hang out with kids, and I can sub-specialize, which is very appealing. Also peds patients usually get better and go on to lead normal lives. A lot of medicine, I understand, is fixing people who have destroyed their own lives. Exempli gratia, someone who smokes a pack a day for 50 years finally shows up with lung cancer.

No solutions yet, but I'll be scheduling some counseling sessions soon. Wiser minds...

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