Thursday, December 01, 2005

I had an experience straight out of The Shining yesterday. I was playing pool with one of the crazier patients, and he would pause every few moments to peer at the arrangement of balls on the table and laugh to himself. I kept asking what he was laughing at, and he would do nothing but look me strangely and say "nothing" in a clipped monotone. I didn't want to take my eyes off him for a moment. We lock up the cues and balls for a reason after all: they can be dangerous. No grand, scary ending to the story though. He actually beat me at our game and then went back to sleep.

One of the other patients, on the other hand, is both dangerous and ingenious. He broke his plastic spoon to make a shiv which he hid from us and has since (post-discovery) denied making. And another guy is trying to break out of the ward at every opportunity and has sworn to hunt down and kill someone he knows outside. He gave us her contact info, so we put it on top of the chart, in case he does escape, and we confirmed it is accurate.

Just another day.

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