Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fourth year decision

One of my professors spoke about my current dilemma. He said that "this isn't the last time in your career in which you will be called upon to make a decision with less than a complete data set." Most reassuring. But true, nonetheless. So the decision for now is to set up my year to go into internal medicine, and thence to cardiology, and if peds blows me away when I rotate through there to adjust as necessary.

A friend of mine, dissappointed in my recent decision not to pursue surgery, said he'd "give me a pass" if I decided on cardiology, since that was as respectable as surgery. Oddly enough, another friend said she "totally sees" me as a pediatrician. Though I was encouraged at first, I realized that I have to quit living for other people's approval in this. I'm choosing internal medicine because of the possibilities for specialization, and the fact that I can go anywhere in the world with it. Probably not as universally usable, especially in the MSF sense, as surgery, but I think I'll be able to find a niche there too. Plus I like it. The challenges are primarily cerebral, and my mind has always been my strong point.

C'est la vie
. Laissez le internal medicine roulez.

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