Thursday, October 26, 2006

Odd rewards

I guess I'm doing a pretty good job being friendly with my patients. One of them, whom we recently discharged, was so pleased with my care that he and his wife offered me a free weekend at his rental property on the coast. He told me "anytime you want it, call us up, and we'll figure out a time that works. Bring beer, bring girls, bring whatever." "Um, ok, thanks" was my response. I don't know that it is ethical to take him up on his offer, but still, it's nice to know he approved of my work that much.

So weird.

In other news, my posting has slacked off lately because I have been sicker than many of my patients. Listerine, cough drops, and orange juice are all that's gotten me through the last three days. And I'm on call again tomorrow. Hooray!

The good news is, this is my last week. If I can survive, and still make a good impression through the end of Friday, I'm free, and the easy part of fourth year starts with cardiology clinic.


Thainamu said...

"Listerine, cough drops, and orange juice"--Aha! We're finally getting some medical advice out of you.

medstudentitis said...

Yay clinic! So much easier than wards. Get well soon!