Monday, September 17, 2007

More jokes

My attending is just non stop with this kind of thing. So today he was telling us how he modeled coccidiomycosis in mice...

"So we gave the mice some barbiturates to sedate them, a little 'mouse roofie,' if you will, stuck a tube in their noses, sprayed the cocci down there and pulled it out. Then the mice woke up, called the cops, and claimed they'd been violated. All in the name of science."


Ryann said...

I should know by now that one should not read your posts featuring "jokes" in the title while sitting in a serious lecutre on the doctrine of the Church. Or any theology, for that matter. :)

Karen Little said...

hehe... that's cute:-)
I've tagged you - you need to go to my blog to find out more.