Saturday, September 08, 2007

A break, for real

I'm finally finished with the wards, which means that after two and a half months, I have two days off in a row. Having one day off a week is fine, it's the biblical model and all, but I've found that it is tough to really do much with it except sleep. That's all I do anyway. But now, with the glorious luxury of having the entire weekend off, I'm left planning hikes, and listening to music, and enjoying life in general a lot more than I was.

Which leads me to an unrelated topic. A while ago I reviewed KT Tunstall's album here, in one of the sporadic music reviews I post. Apparently that got the attention of her promotion company, because I got an email this week which included a video from Tunstall's upcoming album, "Drastic Fantastic," and a number to reach her agent, along with an invitation to interview her. That's not probably something I have time for just now, but it is fun to get an email offering to include me in something besides obscure bank transfers from shady Nigerians who can't spell.

However, if there is anyone out there who really wants to interview Tunstall, I have the contact info for her agent and will pass it along. I can also report that the video is fairly straightforward, with a vague narrative thread and constant flashing between camera angles showing people having a good time. I don't understand why this is now cool, but no matter how much I like a song, I'm not going to spend any of my free time getting aggravated by the apparent epilepsy or ADHD of a video director. The song itself though sounds like her hits from the last album. Quite catchy, and now it's stuck in my head. I'm betting this will do well too when it comes out September 18.

Now I'm off to luxuriate.


Ryann said...

Oooo! Pick me! Pick me! Kidding. I do like KT but I don't have any desire to interview her.

Enjoy your real break; you deserve to feel like a normal human being evey now and then.

medstudentitis said...

I really don't like the new single she's put out. I find it really isn't the guitar and vocals forward sound that I really liked from her before. It's almost as if her record company offered her money to make an album and she tried to hire as many musicians as possible to play on her song with it. I hope the rest of the album is better. Otherwise, I'm just going to go and listen to "Under the weather" a few million times until I feel like nobody but KT understands me...