Monday, August 20, 2007

A joke

Maybe this is only funny if you're sleep deprived. But then you have to be a huge nerd too:

Resident: "Dude, I think being on vecuronium sucks."

Intern: "Nah, man, I think it rocks."

*cue general hilarity*


Alice said...

LOL! (But why is your patient on vecuronium?)

Nathan said...

Just a touch, to aid in intubating her. So people just have no idea what's good for them.

Anonymous said...

my medical motto is: do anything you need to; just give me versed.

love that stuff!

(in a thoroughly law-abiding way, of course.)

sounds like vecuronium is similar?


Nathan said...

It is actually a paralytic, where versed is an anxiolytic and amnestic.

inda_ardani said...

such a joke! thanks. nice blog you have

riverie said...

hahaha. guess i'm a true med dork then, to have appreciated that joke all too much. :)