Friday, August 24, 2007

Change of pace

Ahhhhhhhh, ward medicine. Q5 call. Knowing that I'll get to sleep through the night on a normal schedule more than twice a week. This next rotation is going to be nice.

Additionally, there are two interns per team here, and I'm coming on to a team with Rick, one of my better friends from the intern class, so we are going to have a blast no matter what happens. And we have a med student, whom Rick worked with on the last rotation and who is apparently pretty strong. Excellent. The funny thing is, Rick has apparently been talking me up as some kind of uber-intense born cardiologist with no patience for incompetence and laziness. Which I guess is mostly true, but I'm a nice guy about it, I hope. Still, I want the med stud to have fun while becoming the best student in his class, so if I'm hard on him, it will be with good reason and with lots of encouragement in the right direction.

The great thing about medical students is that they encourage me, so recently one of them, to study harder to stay ahead of what they know. Which encourages them to study, and keeps the cycle going. I'm already saving up ridiculous pimp questions to try out.

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sl said...

see one. do one. teach one, eh. the circle of life!