Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random things

I was tagged a couple of times in the last month with the random things meme, but given the sporadic nature of my posting lately and the uninspired state of my muse, I'm not sure I can reach eight facts. We'll see.

1. I'll start with the fact that I am now a homeowner. It's a surreal state, to be sure, but a regular paycheck with the promise of relatively certain financial solvency in the future makes me a fairly good candidate for lending money to, apparently. This new purchase actually accounts for much of my silence on the blogging front lately, since there are a myriad little things to be done in a house which can be (and were) safely forgotten in an apartment. My concerns over how to afford a house are somewhat assuaged by the fact that it is an investment, and additionally I won't be around enough to spend any money these next three years anyway.

2. As a continuation of #1, I am inordinately proud of the fact that I managed to put up a respectable set of shelves in my garage, without instructions, manuals, or advice.

3. I meet most of the criteria for obsessive compulsive disorder. Go figure.

4. Despite #3, I still have difficulty closing cabinet doors. I figure, I'm going to open them again anyway, so...

5. This vacation thing is getting old. I may rue the day I said that eventually, but I haven't done anything really taxing in three months. Once residency starts, I plan to work until the day I die.

6. Despite what my mother says, having a good stereo system is more important than having a good dining table.

7. Ditto a TV.

8. I write about two blog posts for every one that ends up being posted lately. Mostly because the lack of inspiration keeps the quality down, and the beautiful weather outside keeps the volume down. Here's hoping I can get back into regular posting despite residency starting (at least the orientation) in about two weeks.


medstudentitis said...

I built a cabinet this weekend and a drawer unit for a bathroom, it's nice to actually make something tangible that you can show to people. Congratulations on home ownership.

Nathan said...

Wow. that's way more involved than my shelves, congrats. Any chance you want a summer job as a carpenter? Because I've got a few other projects planned...

Mostly kidding. But thanks, and thanks for stopping by again. I'm going to try to post more regularly here, now that residency is going to give me more fodder.