Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two lighter notes, and an odd one

My Dansko clogs arrived today, and now, for whatever reason, I feel more like a house officer. The fact that I'm bouyed in spirits by the arrival of shoes amuses me. Also amusing is the fact that my choice of styles was limited by the large size of my feet.

And about the cartoon to the right. I've felt exactly this way while explaining to a patient in respiratory isolation that they probably don't have TB, we just need to rule it out. But then, of course, sometimes they do have TB.

And today I learned that medications can give you calories. This is no surprise to some intelligent folks, I'm sure, and needs not to be taken too far by others, say Mary-Kate Olsen. (That's a little Angry Medic inspired pop-cultural reference) Anyway, the medicine Diprivan (propofol emulsion, for my Brit readers), which we give patients to keep them sedated while on a ventilator, has 1.1 kcal per mL. Who knew?

The angry dietician, that's who.


Visionary & Medium Extraordinaire said...

Congrats with your new clogs. If you would have ordered them directly from Denmark I'm sure you would have found a greater selection.
I grew up on those buggers. They remind me of the seventies, and it's amusing to me to see Americans go so crazy over them.
I think every single Scandinavian always had a couple of pairs. They're great, except if the wood chips on the edge.

Calories, I think if you breath you consume calories (not quite, but almost)
Who cares as long as they're healthy.

medstudentitis said...

Weird, I saw someone wearing those clogs yesterday in surgery and I thought they were very hansome. Good choice!

Nathan said...

v&me - Probably I would have. As far as going crazy over them, they are wonderful for wearing in the hospital, because the arch support is great for the long hours we spend standing talking about patients, and the solid, covered toe is great for shedding the assorted nastiness that gets spilled, thrown, projected, squirted, sloshed or otherwise expelled around the wards.

medstudentitis - thanks! I love them.

The Angry Medic said...

*spastuc Keanu Reeves surfer dude voice*Whoa, rad clogs, duuuude! Far out! They're so, like, Dutch!

Heh. Can't really do much about that feeling of hypocrisy you get, can you? Everyone's dying; the purpose of the entire medical profession is just to rule out a disease :P

The Angry Medic said...

Thanks for the plug, btw!