Wednesday, November 29, 2006

One year later

So my blog is now one year old. I'm pleasantly surprised that it has been so much fun, and that I've been relatively consistent with it. 204 posts according to blogger, but there are a few unpublished drafts, mostly fragments that were worked into other posts, lying about and figuring into that count. Still, that averages out to a post every other day or so.

Thanks to all you regular readers. I started this thing partly to connect with people, and partly, way back then, on psychiatry, I felt I needed some kind of outlet to maintain sanity. I did not expect to have regular visitors from five continents just a few months later. Knowing my thoughts are read, my experiences shared, and my stories enjoyed by others motivates the effort. The title of this blog comes, as some of you have guessed, from a poem with a rather bleak view of human contact, but I'm glad the picture isn't as bad as all that. Not quite anyway.

So thanks, keep dropping by and I'll try to make the next year at least interesting as the first.

Year after year
The leaf and the shoot;
The babe and the nestling,
The worm at the root;
The bride at the altar,
The corpse on the bier—
The Earth and its story,
Year after year.


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your writing. Happy Anniversary.

TMU said...

Nathan, i have also enjoyed your blog. This insight into the development of a doc is fascinating. And i especially appreciate YOUR appreciation of a good nurse! :)

What city do you have to travel to to do this major exam?

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions! Come to think of itmine is also about a year old now too.

I've found it interesting to watch your progress, and commend you to the prayers of St Cosmas and St Damian, the Unmercenary doctors!

Marian said...

Although I don't know you (or the medical profession) from Adam, I love your blog and have been a regular reader (albeit in lurk mode.) Great stuff, very insightful. Keep it up.

Nathan said...

Thanks to all of you for reading (even if you're only lurkers), and Steve, thanks for pointing out those saints. I spent an interesting half hour looking them up.