Friday, August 25, 2006

Ready for return

My time in the cadaver lab is winding down, and I am definitely ready for a return to the hospital. I like the academic side of medicine all right, and doing a second cadaver dissection has been a great learning experience, but people are more interesting when they are alive. Plus my blog posts are way less boring when they are funny stories, rather than quasi-philosophical musings. So, just about a week and a half to go, and then hopefully a return to more amusing, or charming, or poignant anecdotes, which is the reason I started blogging anyway. I figure if I don't particularly like my blog, there's no way anyone else will, right?


gloria jean said...

Maybe. I've always liked your blog. The hospital is an endless supply of funny stories though, huh?

Nathan said...

That it is. Mostly I think I'm just ready to be back. Given my personality, there's no way I am going to leave philosophizing out of this blog.

And I'm glad you like it, thanks.