Wednesday, February 22, 2006

On Call, the funny part

Scarlett came up with another priceless idiom: "I was madder than 20 horses."

She is both kind, understanding, and extremely flattering. She calls me "doctor" though I've corrected her several times. She insists "you know enough to be a doctor as far as I'm concerned." I only wish I knew enough to be able to help Elvis more.

Also, Mr. Indestructible shared with me his secret for living forever. The key it seems, is in the diet. He insists that for breakfast, one should always have 4-6 eggs, one half pound of bacon, grits, a glass of milk and coffee with cream. For lunch, fried chicken with rice and a cornmeal sauce, and for dinner, steak or something similar. He even showed me his grocery list and offered to shop for me "since you ain't got no wife or girlfriend." He's not entirely there mentally, but his ingratiating manner and ebullient persona make him quite popular among the house staff.

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