Saturday, January 28, 2006

What a weird job

I was working in the clinic in a very large, sprawling, office buildling complex when we got a call about someone who had something large and heavy fall on his leg. So, as one of the emergency team, I put on the (huge) first aid backpack, wheeled out a stretcher, and starting sprinting down the long hallways to the scene of the accident. It felt a little odd, wearing a 40 pound backpack, running at top speed down a hallway with a stretcher in front of me, the other medic in front yelling "make way" occasionally. Everyone gets out of your way in that situation, probably (at least initially) more out of a realistic assessment of their chances of surviving the impact than from deference to the red cross on my hat.

For some reason, the excitement of the situation had me smiling to myself, until I realized that was probably an odd face to see on the guy in white running past with stethescope and stretcher.

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