Saturday, December 20, 2008


The bildungsroman that is this blog has been quiet, and perhaps dead, for sometime now. I'm not certain why this has happened, but I think the reason is at least three fold.

First, as I've progressed into second year, I've found that I depersonalize my patients more. This sounds horrible, so let me explain. As an intern, I was responsible for anywhere between six and ten patients at a time, and my one job was to talk to them, find out what was going on, and report it. So I spent a lot of time talking to them. Now, as a resident, I have anywhere from two to three interns below me on the totem pole, and hence I'm less able to spend time with the patients, because I'm listening to the intern's reports, and then formulating plans and managing people. Managing people isn't touching, usually, and it makes for poor stories. So I haven't told them.

Second, and maybe most importantly, I've run out of time. My workload keeps getting heavier, and I haven't got the time to work, sleep, play, and write the blog.

Lastly, I think the journey this chronicles is complete. I am not a finished person, by any means, but I have made the transition from medical student to physician, and for the same reason there's never a story beyond "happily ever after" I've run out of stories.

Which isn't to say I won't be back. The conflicts and triumphs of the future may well be worth setting down, but for now, I've run out of steam. Thanks to all who encouraged me on my way, I will miss hearing from you.

Pax vobiscum.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us on part of your journey! Best wishes in your future career and Merry Christmas!

tmu said...

Well, i've now included a new word in my vocab!!

I understand your reasoning, N. I too have greatly enjoyed your blog, and look forward to any additions in the future. You have indeed gone thru a major transition. Thanks for letting us see a portion of that.

Zhoen said...

I happened to stop by, and glad I did. Come back when you can, when you are full of stories again. Sometimes life demands all our time, demands we listen and wait.

Be a good doctor.

tmu said...

PS: I forgot to say "congratulations!" also. You have worked hard and have made excellent progress.

Anonymous said...

I had enjoyed reading along even though I haven't been here in nearly a year. Hope your training is still going well.

StorytellERdoc said...

Great post...I too remember those days well and am here to tell you that it will get better again. You need to remember that ultimately you on this journey to take care of patients, so be efficient with your time and give more to the patient when you can.

Enjoying your blog...nice writing!