Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back to the ward

As the title suggests, I've gone back to the inpatient wards. It's a welcome change in ways, since I now feeling like a doctor again, making treatment decisions and actually taking care of patients. However that also means I'm on call, missing sleep, and since I had a month off essentially, I've lost a lot of the good habits I had. My first night back on call was rocky, and it was fortunate that we had a phenomenally light call, or I would have been completely hosed. Now I'm two days in, and getting back into stride.

Of course, that entails sacrifice. I had made plans to go to a play with a new friend of mine this afternoon, but as I was heading out the door, I got a page about one of my patients who was crashing. Two hours later he was safe in the MICU, but the play had already started. Still, that's the kind of medicine that excites me, making actual helpful changes in patient care, rather than the combination social worker-slave-clinician stuff that usually compromises a medicine intern's life.

In other news, Mrs. Roman got that surgery, oddly enough because someone told her exactly the story Judy mentioned in the comments.

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