Sunday, July 01, 2007

Long white coat

Today I put on my long white coat for the first time, along with my name tag with the initials "MD" after my name. Then I put my stethoscope, notebook, pocket reference books, pens, pen light, EKG calipers, rubberstamp, and spare paper in my pockets, and walked into the conference room to start my intern year. The first thing I noticed was that the coat wasn't appreciably lighter than it had been in medical school, and it had the added pain of stretching down to my knees. The second thing I noticed was that the notebook in which I have been writing immensely useful hints, like the REAL number for radiology, the outline for writing up a stress test, and the proper way to evaluate half a dozen common problems, the notebook I've been working on since third year of medical school, had disappeared somewhere between my car and the door of the conference room. But it is long white coat.

Not exactly a stress-free way to begin my intern year. But, as if in sympathy, the schedule worked out very much in my favor. I wasn't on call, so after relatively brief rounds, I was sent on my way rejoicing, and given tomorrow off. I can only complain by saying, I'm about ready to begin, already, and no, I didn't find the notebook on the way back to the car. Sigh.


Xavier Emmanuelle said...

Hope you find the notebook! I'm sure it would be nice to have it as reference as you start this new adventure.

Anonymous said...

i will be praying that your notebook shows up. What a loss!!!

just because we aren't commenting, doesn't mean we are not reading your posts.

i hope your first week goes well.


Alice said...

Good luck with your first call. Just remember, there are only 60 minutes in an hour. :)

tinea said...

A view from the other side during Med School exams:

Aren't you glad you're beyond this now?