Saturday, December 09, 2006

And now for some light entertainment

Part of this Intersession was to sit in small groups and discuss our views on medicine and how they've changed. Some of my more recent posts were written with these upcoming discussions in mind and I feel it's probably ok to quote yourself, on occasion, even if you aren't yet 30. Right?

Anyway, one of my classmates paid me a rather humorous compliment. We were discussing the aging process, and the discussion leader, a more experienced doctor, said "you know, we're all going to get old and need a physician there to help us."

Without more than a second's pause, my classmate quipped "I call Nathan."

Nice to know I've got at least one vote of confidence.

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Anonymous said...

Having the confidence of your peers, to take care of them, is the best compliment you can ever get. Can I get dibs on you too?