Sunday, September 24, 2006

Residency application

Mine is complete, but I wish it were more stellar. I'd like a medical version of this if you will.


MrStandfast said...

I do not propose to let
an overweening, crass lieutenant...
thumb his nose at his commander
and get away with it.

It doesn't sound as though
he'd be any great loss.

Don't try that, Dryden.
There's a principle involved.

There is, indeed.

He's of no use here in Cairo.

He might be in Arabia.
He knows his stuff, sir.

Knows books, you mean.

I've already sent out
Colonel Brighton, who's a soldier.

If Brighton thinks we should send
some arms, we will.

Well, what more do you want?

That there would be no question
of Lieutenant military advice.

By God, I should hope not.

It's just that the Arab Bureau would like its own man on the spot to...

To what?

To make our own appraisal
of the situation.

I'll tell you, it's my considered
opinion and that of my staff...that time spent on the Bedouin will be time wasted. They're a nation of sheep-stealers.

They did attack Medina.

And the Turks made mincemeat of them.

We don't know that.

We know that they didn't take it.
A storm in a teacup, a sideshow. In my opinion, this whole theatre
of operations is a sideshow. The real war's being fought against
Germans, not Turks. Not here, but on the Western front in the trenches. Your Bedouin Army,or whatever it calls itself...would be a sideshow of a sideshow.

Big things have small beginnings, sir.

Does the Arab Bureau
want a big thing in Arabia? Does the bureau think they'll sit down
under us when this war is over?

The bureau thinks the job of
the moment, sir, is to win the war.

Don't tell me my duty, Mr. Dryden.

- Lawrence, sir.
- Send him in.

Good morning, sir.


If you're insubordinate,
I shall put you under arrest.

- It's my manner.
- Your what?

My manner. It looks insubordinate,
but it isn't.

I can't make out whether you're bloddy bad-mannered or just half-witted.

- I have the same problem, sir.
- Shut up.
- Yes Sir

- ....Knowledge of arabic...knowledge of architecture...knowledge of....knowledge of...
The Arab Bureau thinks you
would be of use to them in Arabia. Why, I can't imagine. You can't perform your present duties properly.

"I cannot fiddle, but I can make
a great state from a little city."

- What?
- Themistocles, sir.
- A Greek philosopher.
- I know you've been well-educated.

It says so in your dossier. You're the kind of creature
I can't stand, Lawrence.
But I suppose I could be wrong.


I'd like to say, sir,
that I am grateful for this.

Shut up and get out.

Ryann said...

Might have to quote this for my PhD applications. Can't be worse than Murray's luck with the British Museum Library.