Thursday, July 13, 2006

The lost fight of virtue

I could show you these men and women, all the world over, in every stage of history, under every abuse of error, under every circumstance of failure, without hope, without help, without thanks, still obscurely fighting the lost fight of virtue, still clinging, in the brothel or on the scaffold, to some rag of honour, the poor jewel of their souls! They may seek to escape, and yet they cannot; it is not alone their privilege and glory, but their doom; they are condemned to some nobility; all their lives long, the desire of good is at their heels, the implacable hunter.

Some days I think "fighting the lost fight of virtue" describes everything a doctor does. For, though my profession struggles to ease pain, to improve lives in quality and extend them in quantity, and though those aims sometimes are more obviously conflicting than complimentary, the desire of good is at our heels, and in the end, the fight is lost.

But it is still worth fighting.


Aiming at Proverbs 31 said...

Surely the improvement of the quality of life so that someone might more enjoy the beauties of the creation that God has gifted us with, or the extension of someone's life that may then choose to believe and then live for God, are virtues and not to be considered as a lost fight. Granted, not all or even many that are helped will use thier benefit for that end, but that doesn't mean that the fight is lost. And yes, it is still worth fighting. Persevere!!

thebeloved said...

And yet the battle is already won for some, "Where O grave is thy victory, where death is thy sting?"

Jen said...

Thank you. That's a timely reminder of why I ought to pity and not be angry with those who injure me or my friends. Sometimes they can't help it, honestly. For the flipside is the Romans 7 man who desires to do good, but cannot, for evil is right there with him. While they cannot escape the desire to do good, neither can they escape their doom of sin and death... They can't escape on their own, that is. Who will deliver them? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!