Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Most things have a beginning

Not a particularly auspicious title or first post, but it will have to do. I've decided to start a blog, to chronicle at least the next year and a half, my final time in medical school. I wish I had started sooner, to preserve some record of how I've changed, how this process changes those who go through it, but maybe, if this lasts long enough, I'll do that with residency. We shall see.

My only hesitation here is a quote from Theodore Dalrymple, who said (while discussing the fall of the British monarchy, of all things) that "for modern man, baring his soul is the only proof that he actually has one" But I think in the final analysis, my point here is less to bare my soul, such as it is, and more to record something which may prove instructive. And I might even have fun. So here goes.

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